Thursday, May 26, 2011

Comic Improv poster

If you're going to be at Phoenix Comic-Con this weekend, look for these posters in artists alley and come say hi. Scott, Ben, Dadicus and I would love to talk up the blog.


Ben Perkins said...

Sweet!!! Good luck!

Scott Godlewski said...

I had a lot fo people this weekend stop and say how much they liked the blog. I'm as proud of this as anything I've done in comics. Thanks, fellas.

DADICUS said...

Scott, you and Ryan and Ben are like my Long lost art brothers who are better than me and won't let me forget it.............LOL

Everybody here rocks! It takes a fun spirited crew to do this and bring others in to the gang to share in the fun!!!!

Everyone here so far is someone I can learn a lot from creatively and artistically it's right where I want to be!!!

Ben Perkins said...

I'm super proud, excited and honored to be part of such a stellar group. You guys inspire me to do the best work I can do.

Love for my Comic Improv brethren!