Friday, June 10, 2011

Page 8, panel 1


Ryan Cody said...

On this one, for the web version I set the size at 800x1214 to make it easier to read. I also left the guidelines on it, so the next guy could see what I was doing.

DADICUS said...


I just Shit myself laughing so hard,.....LOLOLOLOL HE'S PREGNANT!!!!!!


Ryan Cody said...

I was thinking more along the lines of him have another psyche or personality now embedded in him. I was not thinking he had a bun in the oven. I'm trying to keep this shit classy.

DADICUS said...

I like how you left the lines we can drop'm when we print and they help when we add panels to existing pages!

You tha Man Ryan,
By the way I read through my Icarus 1.5 last night, I had a blast reading, the art, the twists and turns it was great! Is that blue guy supposed to be Ares? I didn't see where you mentioned his name other than "War God" Loved the way you handled everyones voices and dialogue felt very personal, like I knew them! Riley is one hell of a Bad ass, "I'm a Marine. I'm expendable." I wanted to punch myself for not working out enough when I read that!
Just wanted to pass along my good time to the creator!

Scott Godlewski said...

I think when he punch through the monster's inerds, he picked up an egg or a parasite of some sort. Or he's pregnant.

DADICUS said...

No more mind F's

Scott Godlewski said...

Okay, so first panel poster will leave the template guides on. That should clear up the size confusion.

mattcrap said...

good call, Scotty
good panel, Ryan


PENICKart said...

Great idea, Cody, leaving the guides on there, having them faded, and commenting on the size.

Also, I love reading the comments. I wasn't thinking pregnant at all so when Dadicus said preggers that really cracked me up. :-)

Ben Perkins said...

Matt beat me to it!!

This is coming along so great!!! And now I have time to play!!!